Electric Dreams The Musical

By Drew Lane

"Berry (Director/ Choreographer) works with the slender production elements to help the audience use their imagination to see the full picture.”
 Simon Parish (Man In Chair)

Produced by Music Theatre Melbourne

Photo By Teresa Madgwick

It Tastes Like Home A Musical

By Lorna Wells

"Roman Berry’s (Director/ Movement) assured direction ensures the fast-moving story never loses its emotional clout.” Claire Roderick (London)

Partnership with Divergent Theatre Collective

Photo By Toby Lee (Headshot Toby)

The White Rose

By Ross McGregor

“Roman Berry (Movement Director/ Choreography) seamlessly takes up the mantle (as movement director) producing thrilling, immaculately choreographed dreamlike sequences” Liz Dyer (London)

Produced by Arrows & Traps Repertory Theatre Company (Photos by The Ocular Creative)